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Chapter 39

Denver - October 31, 2013



This is what I’m being made to wear today.


I am not amused.

Neither are my canine friends who are in the same predicament.  Take a look at the slide show of some of my pals. Anyone look thrilled?  Nope.

You humans think you are oh-so-clever. Bah.

Costumes are so undignified.  Even little lap dogs in dresses and hoodies are embarrassed.  I mean, have you ever talked to a Chihuahua? Feisty, proud little dogs, they are. Yorkshire terriers? They’ll take down a moose, given the opportunity, and I bet they wouldn’t be wearing snowsuits, pajamas, sweaters, sparkly dresses or any of the other atrocities I’ve seen.

Marianne tells me that this won’t be the last time I have to dress up; something about Christmas and a Santa Suit.  She says it will be “fun.”

Dear Dog. 


Chow for now.




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