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Chapter 19

Denver - April 17, 2013

Dog, my dance card is full!  (OK, that's a really obscure reference - I read way too many of Marianne's old Louisa May Alcott books. Raise your hand if you know about dance cards…..)

Anyhow, I'm flying to Utah tomorrow for a Canine Companions fundraiser in Ogden called Imagine Independence.  Here's a link:  Looks really fun, right?  Marianne is giving a speech about animal communication (HAHAHA - like she really understands what I'm thinking! HA, I say, HA!) but of course everyone is way more excited about meeting me. There will be other Canine Companions pups and graduate teams there, so I'll get to make lots of new friends!  Marianne is a bit worried about all the snow we're supposed to get today and tonight, but I'm sure Frontier Airlines won't cancel any flight I'm on. Seriously?  Marianne worries too much.

On Sunday, April 14, I'm being interviewed by a kid reporter from the Denver Post. I think she's also going to talk to Marianne a little bit about her book "Let the Dogs Speak!" but I doubt that's her main focus. I hope she brings a camera.  I've asked Marianne to make sure my cape and collar are clean.  I dunno when her article will be published but I'll try to find out.  I'm pretty sure it will be featured on the front page.

On Sunday, April 28th I'll be at the Englewood Public Library (1000 Englewood Pkwy, Englewood, CO 80110) from 1:00-3:00 PM for their annual Colorado authors event called "Meet the Faces."  Marianne will be selling and signing her book and I'll be there to meet and greet my fans.  There will be around fifty authors (and one dog) so it will be a fantastic event - please come!  Bring your checkbooks.  Support Colorado authors!

Chow for now!




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