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Chapter 32

Denver - August 26, 2013

People, people, people!  May I have your attention, please?


ATTENTION!  I have a Very Important Announcement!

(sound of chewie bone banging against metal food dish)


No really, I am not making this up. August 26 is really, truly, OFFICIALLY Dog Appreciation Day!

HUZZAH!  Treats, new toys, brass bands, parades, treats, confetti, keys to the city, awards, plaques, cookies, and more!

Dog Appreciation Day was created in 2004, by author Colleen Paige (I plan to grill Marianne on why she didn't created it first, I mean really) to honor the gazillion contributions dogs make to humankind.

Not to toot my own squeaky toy here, but our contributions to society are HUGE. Think about it:

  • We search for lost, missing and trapped people in avalanches, urban and rural areas, water and disaster sites.
  • We partner with law enforcement and the military.
  • We sense low insulin levels, predict seizures and sniff out cancer.
  • We work as service, facility, guide, hearing, courthouse and therapy dogs.
  • We herd sheep and cattle (and sometimes small children). We guard livestock, penguins, kakapo, kiwis, and cheetahs.
  • We sniff out drugs, money, insects, electronic bugs, cell phones and land mines.
  • We retrieve ducks, hunt game, kill vermin and find truffles.
  • We pull sleds and carts. We race.
  • We keep humans occupied and busy through activities like agility, fly ball, canine freestyle, nose work, dock diving and obedience.
  • We act in television, movies, commercials and theater.
  • We work in wildlife conservation and research by sniffing out scat (including whale poop!), finding live animals and chasing off bears. 
  • We sniff out contraband like fruits and veggies, ivory, rhino horns, bear bile and gall bladders, reptiles, seal penises, baby monkeys, shark fins and sea cucumbers.
  • We reduce your blood pressure and help you live longer.
  • We love you unconditionally.

Ever see a cat do any of those things? HA, I say. HA. I mean, I love our two kitties but "work" and "service" are not words found in their vocabularies.

So, you know, HOORAY FOR DOGS!  Give yours some extra pats and cookies today, and tell 'em THANKS.

Chow for now!


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