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Chapter 38

Denver - October 23, 2013

Just a quick post this week; I'm crazy busy packing (toys, food, treats, snacks) and doing last minute errands. 

Why, you ask? Because I fly to Albuquerque tomorrow for a mini book tour for Let the Dogs Speak! While I did not actually write any portion of this book, I feel it's my duty as the current Canine Companions puppy in training to go on tour as the voice for the four dogs who did write it. I'm certain that Hudson, Parker, Ross and Mars would want me to take on this oh-so-important task on their behalf. Of course, Marianne is coming along to tote and sign books, manage the crowds, straighten my cape, make sure I don't miss meals, keep up my strength with cookies and get me to the venues on time.

I'll be on KASA-TV's NM Style Friday morning. Marianne says she hopes the hosts aren't wearing black garments, but she's bringing along a lint roller just in case.  Frankly, I'm a little insulted; everyone knows that dog hair is a condiment and an accessory. Whatever.

We'll be talking about the book and Canine Companions at the East Mountain Library in Tijeras at 4PM on Saturday, and at Bookworks at 3PM on Sunday. If you live in Albuquerque, or have friends that do, please ask them to attend one of the events.  Marianne is a little worried no one will show up, but I don't understand why. I mean, Hello? Cute puppy here!

Chow for now!


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