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Chapter 58

Denver - April 24, 2014

Yoo hoo!  Guest blogger Beverly here.

Now, don’t get too excited – I’m not staying. I’m just hanging out with Marianne & John for a couple days when my puppy raisers deserted me took one of the kids back to college. But I’ve already got everyone at 7News wound around my adorable little paws. Everyone wants to hold me, have their picture taken with me, snuggle me … my dears, it’s all rather exhausting. I’m only 9-weeks old – I need my beauty rest! Fortunately Marianne has a crate by her desk to allow me to escape my adoring fans so I can nap. 

While at Chez McKiernan this week I was able to cross a few items off my bucket list:

  • Poop in the house while the hapless puppy raiser is trying to get me outside (hahahaha)
  • Chew on a rose bush
  • Determine that rose bushes bite back
  • Chase a cat
  • Determine that cats are not amused by being chased
  • Become the most loved and adored puppy EVER at 7News, including making my debut on their Face Book page ( -- please “like” my photo, won’t you?)

All in all, it’s been a very satisfying visit indeed. I’m headed home tonight to whip my regular puppy raisers into shape (and let Marianne and John get a little sleep.)


Beverly The Beautiful

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