Jeb's DogBlog - Turning The Tables

Chapter 21

Denver - May 8, 2013

I was exceptionally pleased to get a request from a  Denver Post reporter named Gracie Finnegan to interview me about Canine Companions for Independence.

Sadly, Marianne actually thinks Gracie was interviewing her about her book, "Let the Dogs Speak!"  Truly, the woman thinks it's all about her. I let her answer most of the questions, just to humor her, let her have her little illusions, I say.  Rather pathetic.

But Gracie was up to the task and handled the interview like a pro, even though she's ELEVEN. Yup, you heard right, ELEVEN. That's like 18 months in dog years.  Here's a link to her story:

Once Gracie was done asking Marianne questions I turned the tables on her and interviewed her for my DogBlog:

JEB:  Gracie, do you have dogs?

GRACIE:  Yes, three: a schnauzer mix called Schoodle; a sheepdog mix called BeBe and a Yorkie mix called Q.

JEB: Q? Huh. That's....interesting. Maybe I'll tell Marianne to call me J. So, how long have you been a reporter for the Post?

GRACIE: About a year. So far I've done nine stories, counting yours.

JEB: How come you wanted to do mine?  What do you like about reporting?

GRACIE: Well, I love dogs and thought it would be interesting to interview you. I like reporting because I get to meet people (and dogs!) I wouldn't always meet.

JEB: Well, I'm really glad you volunteered for this assignment. Do you think you'd like to keep reporting?

GRACIE: Yes, it might be my job someday.

JEB: What do you like to do when you're not working on a story?

GRACIE: I play soccer, I like to go for walks, and I read a lot.

JEB: Oh?  What authors do you like?

GRACIE: Anthony Horowitz and Pierdomenico (PD) Baccalario are my favorites.

JEB (snickering): Oh, those are great authors!  I'll let Marianne down easy that she didn't make your list. What else should my readers know about you?

GRACIE: I like koalas and my favorite subjects at school are English and Science. I won a medal in the Science Olympiad!

JEB:  You're gonna go far, kid!


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