How your body language affects your dog's behavior

Manny and Demarius are a pair of poodles available for adoption at Denver's animal shelter. The shelter would like they to go to the same family.

You can read more about Manny and Demarius at                      

Denver Animal Shelter
1241 West Bayaud Avenue
Denver, CO 80223

Jackie Middelhoek from the  Affection & Praise Family Dog Training, Inc. offered advice for communicating with your dog.

"We all know dogs don't speak English but we don't always act like it . Dogs really do speak body language.  They pay attention to our bodies and tone of voice. So, oftentimes we give them conflicting messages, " said  Middelhoek.

She explained it how asking a dog to come to you and leaning in is actually a message to stay away.

If you want a dog to come inside, Middelhoek says don't stand in the doorway. She says dogs are more likely to follow the command if the doorway is empty.

"If you want your dog to come to you and they don't have a command at all point your toes in the direction you want the dog to go and say, hey, let's go and run the direction you want them to go and they will come right with you," explained Middelhoek.

You can contact Jackie at  (303) 255-3713 or by visiting .

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