Denver Dumb Friends League stops taking in dogs or allowing adoptions after pneumonia kills 5 dogs

12 dogs have pneumonia

DENVER - The Denver Dumb Friends League said it will temporarily stop taking in dogs or allowing dogs to be adopted to contain an outbreak of pneumonia that has killed five dogs.

The 30-day suspension only  affects dogs at the Quebec Street shelter, located at 2080 S. Quebec Street. Cats and small pets are not affected and intake and adoptions of those animals will continue as usual, the shelter said.

The shelter  has seen 12 cases of dogs with pneumonia since April 12, said Chris Gallegos with the Dumb Friends League.

Since April 19, five dogs have died.

The shelter said it believes the illness came from a dog brought in as a stray.

The first case was reported on April 12, and three days later there had been a fourth case. By the end of the week, the shelter had an additional eight cases.

The shelter said it has reached out to several veterinary specialists and diagnostic laboratories to clarify the nature of the illness and provide the most effective treatment.

The voluntary closure of the shelter will protect 263 dogs, Gallegos said. All dogs at the Quebec Street shelter are being treated with antibiotics.

The shelter is monitoring the health of all the animals and is attempting to reach out to everyone who has adopted a dog from the Quebec Street shelter since April 1.

The Dumb Friends League advises those who want to give their dog to a shelter or adopt one, to visit one of the Metro Denver Shelter Alliance partners or other shelters listed on the website

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