University of Colorado Hospital trying new procedure to treat tumors of the esophagus

Hospital is 1st and only in state to do procedure

DENVER - The University of Colorado Hospital is the first and only hospital in the state to use a new procedure to treat esophagus cancer.  It's called the TruFreeze Spray and it uses liquid nitrogen to freeze tissue and cause cell death, much like freezing off warts.  

Doctor Norio Fukami is performing the procedure at the University of Colorado Hospital.  He says the traditional method of treating tumors in the esophagus is to either burn the tissue or cut it out.

"Some patients don't do well with cutting or respond to burning, so this is a good alternative when other treatment fails," explains Dr. Fukami.

He says the side effects of TruFreeze Spray are minimal.

Cancer patient H.C. Pace has been undergoing several TruFreeze Spray procedures and he says they're working.

"The last [treatment] I had, they took 3 biopsies, and they all returned clear," Pace says.  He says he doesn't feel any major side effects from the TruFreeze Spray.

Doctor Fukami says the TruFreeze Spray procedure is an out-patient procedure and takes about a half hour.  

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