Pharmacy recalls fertility medications that were shipped to Colorado and 38 other states

A fertility pharmacy is recalling specialty medications shipped to patients in Colorado and 38 other states.

Village Fertility Pharmacy is recalling compounded medications for women who are undergoing in vitro fertilization.

Each medication is specifically formulated for each patient and then shipped directly to them.

The recall includes the following medications:
• Progesterone Injection Cottonseed Oil 50 MG/ML
• Progesterone Injection Olive Oil 50 MG/ML, 100 MG/ML
• Progesterone Injection Sesame Oil 50 MG/ML, 100 MG/ML
• Progesterone Injection Ethyl Oleate 50 MG/ML, 100 MG/ML
• Hydroxy Progesterone Caproate 250 MG/ML
• Compounded Leuprolide Acetate 1MG/.2ML

The company issued the recall after a particulate was discovered in a small percentage of two lots of Progesterone.

Patients with questions can call the Village Recall Hotline at 1-888-965-5813.

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