Parker woman using yoga to help kids cope with stress, find inner peace

PARKER, Colo. - College kids, high school kids, and even our young kids live with stress. But a Parker woman has come up with a way to help them cope.

Running this way and that, it's hard to find moments of peace in today's busy world. Even today's youth are finding it hard to relax.

When student Kyle Willstatter has a bad day, she said she "would probably take it out on everyone."

Beth Meir is trying to help children such as Willstatter find their inner peace.

Just over a year ago she opened a studio in Parker called iTrive Yoga to do just that.

"I really like to be able to teach kids to have that quiet time," said Meir. "It's really good principles they can apply to the rest of their life."

She said it's just a nice way for children to learn to relax.

"If they're stressed out about homework, or they've had a bad day at school, or an unfortunate experience with friends or something, you know, we teach them how to just let it go and take a deep breath," said Meir.

"I thought it was pretty fun," said Willstatter.

Meir said the yoga poses have other benefits as well.

"It's a compliment to the sports kids are doing, and they are kind of natural yogis," said Meir.

She said her goal is to restore peace and balance within ourselves, our families and our community.

"For sure, it's a great technique for her and I to work together," said Willstatter.

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