Oreos, Fritos, Spicy Sweet Doritos: Foods you didn't know were vegan

If you've thought about trying a vegan diet but were worried about foods to eat, you might be surprised.

There's actually a long list of foods already in your house that fits the bill.

P.E.T.A. -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -- has just released an updated list of approved vegan foods.

- Hot for Doritos? Their spicy sweet chili flavor is totally dairy free. But watch out for cool ranch or nacho flavors. Those are made with milk cheese and whey. And about a zillion other ingredients. We're not saying they're unprocessed and holistic, just vegan.

- Fritos. They only have three ingredients (corn, oil and salt) and pack no preservatives.

- Unfrosted strawberry pop tarts.

- Sara Lee's oven fresh apple pie.

- Oreos are actually considered vegan! That creamy center? Not actually creamy.

- Betty Crocker's Bac-o's bacon flavor bits aren't bacon at all. Totally vegan.

- Ritz crackers.

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