Is your hair falling out for no reason? Unexplained hair loss could be linked Alopecia areata

September is Alopecia Awareness Month!

DENVER - Have you ever dealt with hair loss, and you can't figure out what's causing it? 

It happens to people young and old and may be something as serious as Alopecia areata.  This is a picture of me and my new friend Charlie who is 8 years old and quite the tough little gymnast. 

I met Charlie a few months ago because, despite our quite opposite appearances, Charlie and I both have Alopecia areata, an autoimmune skin disease.  

We are both perfectly healthy and are part of a group of more than 6 million people nationwide who struggle with this disease for which there is no cure.   

It is unpredictable; hair falls out in patches and can grow back or fall out again at any time.  The disease works differently in every person. 

Bottom line, there really are no answers as to why this autoimmune disease happens and there is no "fix."

AA affects approximately 2 percent of the population and chances are, you know of someone like me or Charlie who is coping with this condition while the search for a cure goes on. 

Thankfully, it is not life threatening, but is very challenging mentally and physically.  I am always happy to talk to anyone diagnosed with AA about my experiences.  I also recommend going to the website for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation ( for information about research and treatment, etc.

So how can you help?

September is Alopecia awareness month and the Colorado Rockies are hosting Alopecia awareness night Sept. 17 during the game against the St. Louis Cardinals.  We'd love you to join us at the game by purchasing tickets through

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