Facebook picture uncovers girl's eye disease

Could posting on Facebook change your life? For at least one little girl, the answer is yes.

Three-year-old Rylee Taylor's smile was the center point of a photo her mother Tara posted to Facebook. However, one friend looked past the smile and saw something unusual: a white glow in Rylee's left eye.

"I immediately sent her a message and said, 'Hey, it could be nothing, or you know, there could be something really wrong with Rylee’s eye,'" Stacy Carter told ABC News.

Carter recognized the potential problem because a family friend's son had an eye disease with a similar symptom.

The Taylors took Rylee to several doctors, who eventually diagnosed her with Coats' disease, a condition caused by an abnormal development of blood vessels behind the eye.

Among other problems, Coats' disease can lead to blindness.

Two surgeries later, Rylee's vision has improved. Doctors say if Carter hadn't spotted her condition, Rylee could have been left permanently blind in one eye.

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