Experts warn against wearing flip-flops every day

Doctors recommend thicker soles with support

INDIANAPOLIS - Experts are warning people to avoid wearing flip-flops every day, even though they may be the coolest options during the hot summer days.

Flip-flops have become a summer staple and a fashion statement.

They were created for limited wear, but have evolved into an all-day, everyday footwear choice for many people.

Podiatrists warn that is not a good thing.

"Just due to that small piece of rubber trying to support your foot. Not getting much arch support. So you get that wear and tear on your main tendons, your main ligaments. And that's where the pain begins to happen, things like Achilles tendonitis, some flat-foot problems, some plantar fasciitis,” said Dr. Travis Montgomery, ankle surgeon with St. Vincent Foot & Ankle Surgery.

Montgomery is one of the many podiatrists who see injuries every year from flip-flop overuse and misuse. 

He said they're fine for quick errands, but not long walks, and definitely not for playing sports. 

He warned that wearing flip-flops that are too short can lead to cuts and scrapes.

"Too long and some people get in car accidents because they get underneath the break and that causes problems too," Montgomery said.

Podiatrists said that flip-flops definitely have their place. They're perfect for the pool or public showers; they just should not be worn every day.

There are some flip-flops that are made with thicker soles and arch support. Doctors recommend those over the flimsy, flat shoes.

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