Colorado Regional Health Information Organization's network helps doctors find patients information

CORHIO's network improves health care, saves money


A local non-profit is helping doctors save time and money, while improving health care for patients.

The Colorado Regional Health Information Organization has developed a network that allows any doctor in the state to immediately access patients' medical records.

The Denver-based organization has 28 Colorado hospitals and 500 doctors onboard.

Without the CORHIO network, physicians rely on faxes and phone calls. With the network, doctors are able to care for their patients quicker and develop a more accurate diagnosis.

"I get to see exactly why this baby was in the hospital," said Pediatrician and CORHIO CEO Dr. Larry Wolk. "How long they stayed, that they were discharged on oxygen and which medications they were discharged on so that there is no question."

To keep the network secure, CORHIO encrypts the medical information at a higher level than is required for financial information


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