Colorado groups reach out to people without health insurance

Geography, population influences ed campaigns

DENVER - A study for the Associated Press found that people without health insurance aren't scattered evenly across the country: half of them live in just 116 of the nation's 3.143 counties.

7NEWS has learned that in four Colorado counties rank in that list: Denver, Arapahoe, Adams and El Paso counties, all metropolitan areas.

"That is where a significant chunk of the population is," said Jenny Davies-Schley with the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative. "But the percentage of people not insured is actually much higher in rural areas, especially in the Western Slope, where some counties have up to 25 percent."

The Obama administration told the AP that it is using the geography of the uninsured to write a playbook for its closing sign-up campaign.

In Colorado, Connect for Health Colorado has launched a $4 million ad campaign for open enrollment., which includes television and print ads.

Geography may play a role in their campaign tactics, but a spokesman said they also looking at demographics, focusing on the "young invincibles."

Non profits like the Colorados Consumer Health Initiative are also looking that group, especially with its edgy "Got insurance?" ad campaign.

"There's definitely targeting, not just geography, but various communities that may be underserved," said Davies-Schley.
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