Children's Hospital of Colorado nurse gives American girl doll a bandage to match her owner

AURORA, Colo. - When a little girl woke up from surgery at Children's Hospital in Colorado last week, she found one of her dolls wearing the exact same bandage on her head.

Madelyn Schiltz had a cochlear implant inserted to help her hear.

When Madelyn arrived at the hospital for surgery, she brought her American Girl doll with her. A nurse bandaged the doll to look just like Madelyn -- with a big bandage over her ear, according to Madelyn's mother, Shannon Schiltz.

"She [the nurse] even braided my daughter's hair to look like her doll," said Schiltz.

A photo of Madelyn and the doll shows the doll wearing a bandage on her head and a hospital gown over her clothes.

Madelyn and doll were discharged two days later.

"I truly want to thank her [the nurse] and all involved for the excellent care my daughter has been shown," Schiltz said.

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