Cancer patients get the support they need through new smart phone app

New smart phone app lifeline for cancer patients

DENVER - Until recently people ages 18 to 40 did not always get the same attention as younger and older cancer patients. But now a smart phone app can help young adults feel supported.

It is an app developed right here in Colorado. Kelley Gleason is one of thousands of users.

"Cancer has come back twice, so it has been kind of a long journey," said Gleason.

Like most young adults, Kelley is tech savvy.

Recently, she started using a new app on her mobile devices to more easily connect to those wanting to help her as she battles a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

"It definitely gives me the strength I need in times that are difficult," said Gleason.

Kelley has a strong support network that she stays in touch with thanks to a smart phone app from

"This has been literally my lifeline to let people know," said Gleason. was founded by a young cancer survivor. It recognizes that young adults, ages 18 to 40, need to connect.

"There is a lot of advocates in the pediatric population and a lot for older adults, and just in the last five or six years there has been a push in the young adult population to make sure they are not forgotten about," said Christi Cahill, director of program services for Cancer Foundation.

So, with MyLifeLine's free smart phone app, Kelley can more easily share. And her supporters can plan meals, visits and offer encouragement.

"When I first started with MyLifeLine there was an not an app and so we had to plug the computer in and my husband would have to journal from the hospital from this big ol' computer," said Gleason.

Now Kelley and thousands of other MyLifeLine users can turn to their mobile devices to feel inspired, or just vent.

"For me it has been my therapy, if you will.  I can write whatever I want, I can be honest, I can be negative, I can be positive, and people just appreciate the journey that I have gone through and appreciate my honesty," said Gleason.

It is a way to connect and show you care anywhere, anytime. To learn more about this free app, search your iPhone, iPad or Droid. 

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