A free event for men to socialize, network and learn

Denver Health Foundation Benefit

As the charitable support organization for Denver Health, the Denver Health Foundation raises private funds to support patient care, medical research, facilities development, academic program enrichment, equipment purchases, and professional education.

Hyde Park Jewelers is hosting men's night out again to raise money and awareness for men’s health programs at Denver Health.  The event is this Wednesday, December 5 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Hyde Park Jewelers in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center.  This is an opportunity for men in the community to socialize, network and learn.

Although the event is free, a suggested donation of $100 or more to the Denver Health Foundation entitles the guest to a $100 gift card to Hyde Park and a chance to enter a drawing for an amazing 007 package that includes an Omega watch.

Reservations are required and may be made online.

One hundred percent of donations received that evening benefit Denver Health Foundation.

This event is to help raise awareness and funds for Denver Health Foundation’s men’s health programs.  The top 10 health threats to men are mostly preventable. One reason is because men are less likely to see the doctor — 40.7 percent (men) versus 59.3 percent (women) – until those small, preventable issues become big problems*. Men age 24-44 account for a mere 7.4 percent of current visits and these are mostly for weekend warrior type orthopedic injuries. Regular physical exams, plus serious attention paid to exercise, eating habits, smoking cessation and other prevention strategies can help reverse these barriers that can lead to premature death.

Now is the perfect time to help the men in your life stay healthy – encourage them to see their primary care physician first and foremost.  Plus, women have a significant impact on men’s eating habits, quitting smoking and exercise.  Especially during the holidays we can all use a friendly reminder in these areas.

*Data from the Center for Disease Control.

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