$5 doctor, Russell Dohner, still practicing medicine in Illinois

RUSHVILLE, Ill. - Since 1955, Dr. Russell Dohner's fee for an office visit has more than doubled, but it's still low.

The Rushville, Illinois doctor charges his patients only $5, and no appointment is necessary.

This in an era when the cost of healthcare has steadily risen, when those who don't have medical insurance often forgo seeing a doctor. But not Dohner's patients. He doesn't even accept medical insurance. He says it's not worth the bother.

The 87-year-old family physician doesn't have a fax machine or computer in his office. And medical records are kept on hand-written index cards, stuffed into row upon row of filing cabinets.

Dohner says, "I always just wanted to be a doctor to help people with their medical problems and that's all it's for." He says his intent was never to make a lot of money.

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