10 Ways to form healthy habits

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DENVER - The hardest part of forming any habit is starting. Find motivation to create healthy momentum with these 10 ideas from LiveWell Colorado  --  from the unconventional (think sneakers on top of coffee makers) to the everyday (inspirational bulletin boards).

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Here are some other ideas:

1. Prep your bicycle with helmet and kid seat (and maybe even a “Ride me!” sign) in an accessible space in your shed or garage. Keep the tires inflated and your bike in good working order for impromptu bike rides.

2. Keep a favorite photo of a fun outdoor outing near your kitchen sink to remind you to take an activity break after you clean up.

3. Instead of reaching for the cookies, stick bananas in the cookie jar for a healthy midafternoon snack.

4.  Reimagine your décor to reflect the healthy habits you want to form. Try throw pillows or fresh fruit baskets.

5. Encourage the whole family to drink more water with playful signs around your refrigerator’s water dispenser.

6.  Entice TV watchers away from the screen by putting your favorite sports equipment nearby, such as a soccer ball.

7. Create a "shrine" dedicated to all things health and be sure to include photos of who you’re staying healthy for. Easily accessible hand weights will prompt you to get active more often.

8.  If you’re forgetful, there’s nothing like old-fashioned scribbling on your hand to remind yourself to pick up healthy food at the grocery store.

9.  Create a vision board with sticky notes that remind you to do easy things every day to stay healthy. This includes taking breaks from work!

10. Can’t miss your morning coffee? Incentivize yourself to take a morning jog with your sneakers all ready to go.

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