Tips for raising a joyful child from Colorado Parent Magazine

How can you raise a joyful child? That’s the focus of an article in the latest issue from our partners at Colorado Parent magazine

Lauren Jassil, Manager of Early Childhood Services at Community Reach Center offered her advice on 7NEWS Now Saturday morning.

"First, parents need to model positive, healthy behaviors, and that includes the ability to learn from mistakes," according to Jassil.
She said teaching children how to be resilient gives them the ability to move on from difficult situations
"It’s okay to let children experience some adversity in order to develop skills like problem-solving and frustration tolerance. You build resiliency not by avoiding difficult situations, but by learning healthy skills to get through them. A key piece of this is showing your kids that all feelings are normal and okay. However, we want to help kids identify when their feelings are getting out of control. We talk about this as feelings getting 'too big' and we want to teach kids the coping skills - such as listening to music or blowing bubbles - to help bring those feelings back under control. This teaches frustration tolerance and self-regulation," said Jassil.
You can get more advice in November's issue of Colorado Parent magazine.

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