Ross's DogBlog -- You Know You're A Puppy Raiser When.....

Chapter 26

March 20. 2009

So the other night the puppy raisers were entertaining themselves with a little game they call "You know you're a puppy raiser when...." They seemed to find it hugely amusing, though I can't say I really understood why. I mean, doesn't everyone fit these descriptions? Marianne assured me that no, puppy raisers are a group unto themselves, but other humans who love dogs would find it funny too. Huh. I'll let you be the judge.

For your amusement, then, I present "You know you're a puppy raiser when....."

*You have crates, collars and Gentle Leaders in every size, style and color.

*You accept dog hair as an accessory and a condiment.

*Dog crates double as end tables.

*You have more "dog towels" than "people towels" in your house (and your spouse knows the difference.)

*You purchase a car based on how many dogs and/or crates it will carry.

*Your co-workers know all the CCI commands and there's a chorus of "DON'T!" when the puppy dives for a tidbit on the floor.

*You have photos of your puppy on your desk but none of your spouse or kids (unless they happen to be in the photo of the puppy.)

*The various snacks you keep at your desk consist of chicken, liver or beef flavors.

*The contents of your purse, backpack or briefcase include hand sanitizer, poop bags, a Nylabone, dog cookies, a water bottle and a collapsible dish.

*You automatically wait at doorways, even when the dog isn't with you.

*You attend an event because it's a good training opportunity for the puppy, not because you have any real interest in the activity.

*You cheerfully sing out "Let's go!" as you grab a grocery cart, forgetting that you left the puppy at home in his crate.

*You reflexively say "Good under!" when a child crawls under a bench at church.

*You can scoop poop in public without embarrassment and while maintaining a conversation about CCI.

*At a restaurant you can simultaneously carry on a conversation with your dinner companions and monitor your puppy's behavior under the table.

*You watch Animal Planet because the puppy enjoys it.

*People don't recognize you without the puppy and/or know the pup's name but not yours.

*You're overheard telling your kids "Drop it" or "Leave it" or snapping "Don't!" in your best puppy raiser correction voice.

*Your kids know it's bedtime when they hear you say "Kennel!"

*You look for a parking place near a good "Hurry" spot rather than near the store.

*You plan vacations around the pup's Turn In and possible graduation dates.

*Your holiday wish list consists of gift cards to PetsMart and Petco and/or donations to CCI.

*Your birthday presents are all dog-related.

*You keep a ready stash of gifts on hand to welcome a new puppy, send one off to CCI College or as a graduation present.

*You buy Nature's Miracle by the gallon.

*Every pocket of every jacket, vest and sweatshirt has dog cookies in it.

*While folding laundry you're found Milk Bones (intact) in the pockets of your jeans.

*Your four-year-old can deliver a near-perfect CCI spiel, knows the proper use of all the CCI commands and can take over for you in puppy class.

*You've answered the question "Isn't it hard to give him up?" approximately one million times.

*You've burst into tears listening to a sad song on the radio because it reminds you that Turn In is approaching.

*You've shared a full-size box of Kleenex with other puppy raisers at Graduation.

*And last but not least, you know you're a puppy raiser when your greatest joy in life is handing over your dog's leash to a perfect stranger at a CCI Graduation.

Chow for now!


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