Mike Nelson's Colorado: More women trying fly fishing

Fly fishing is growing in popularity, and it's not just a sport for men. It's growing in popularity with women. So 7NEWS meteorologist Mike Nelson and his wife Cindy decided to give it a try.

Cindy and Mike put on the waders and headed out with Jeff Ehlert from the Grand County Fishing Company to a stretch of the Frasier River near Granby.

Ehlert says women are a natural to flyfishing. They seem to pick it up a lot quicker than men.

"They concentrate more on the timing," Ehlert explained. "Where guys with baseball and stuff, if you want to hit it harder, you swing harder. So guys, they try and power it,  but fishing is more of a timing thing, a finesse thing, than power."

Ehlert also gave the Nelsons lots of tips.

"When you're coming back, stop the rod tip on the way up, you'll carry through a little bit and be in the right position," Ehlert explained. "The fish are going to be facing upstream so you come in kinda on their blind side. If they do see you, they probably aren't going to feed."

It took some time but Mike hooked one and Cindy hooked two!

"I think this is addictive," Cindy said.

Cindy said her only complaint is she didn't try it sooner.

"Very relaxing," Cindy said. "You don't have to think about the phone or anything that's going on. You just think about those fish and the scenery and it's very serene out here."

Learn more about fly fishing on Jeff's website for the Grand County Fishing Company.

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