Mike Nelson's Colorado: Mike tries ice fishing

Even in the Winter, The fish are biting

Thousands of people fish every year in Colorado. But have you ever tried ice fishing?

7NEWS Meteorologist Mike Nelson and his wife, Cindy, went ice fishing on Lake Granby with Dale Casteel, owner of Beacon Landing Marina.

Their day started with some snowmobiling on the ice to get to the right spot. Then, using an auger, Mike & Cindy learned how to drill holes in the ice and set up their poles.

The Nelsons ended up fishing on a stormy day. But that didn't stop them from going. Mike even asked Casteel, with a storm front on the way, what would be biting?

"I think the rainbows will [be biting] today with front coming in," Casteel said.

And he was right. Cindy caught the first fish of the day: a rainbow trout.

"That's a nice eating sized rainbow," said Casteel.

After a quick picture, the fish went back into the water and Mike and Cindy shared a high five.

Mike lost the next fish, but then caught a mackinaw or lake trout, evening the score between husband and wife at two.

Within minutes, Mike had one more and then Cindy. They decided to call it a day at two fish each.

Mike said he hadn't been ice fishing since he went with his grandfather in Wisconsin when he was 5 years old.

Ice fishing can be cheap to start.

"You don't have to spend that much, you can get a whole combo outfit for $20," said Casteel. The price adds up when you buy a drill or an auger to get through the ice. Casteel suggests shopping at the end-of-season sales.

For more on guided ice fishing, visit the Beacon Landing Marina Web site. You can also reach Beacon Landing at 1-800-864-4372.

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