Mike Nelson's Colorado: Lionel, family go dog sledding

Kids as young as 3 can drive

I had no idea what to expect as we approached Good Times Adventures outside of Breckenridge. I had seen dog sledding on TV and watched the Iditarod race. It looked like fun. I was about to find out first hand.

My wife Heidi and twin 5-year old boys, Bryce and Quinn, were looking forward to the experience. We met owner Brian Holt and Larissa, our guide for the tour.

They took us out back and there they were! The dogs!

Good Times has 150 Huskies ready to run at any time. Up to 7 teams of dogs are working during the day.

Larissa introduced us to our eight-dog team. They were barking and yelping and could not wait to get the sled out on the road. Bryce and Quinn went down the line and hugged all eight dogs. So did I. They were beautiful.

The sled carries two people at a time, one sitting and the other standing on the back, "driving" the sled. Larissa would lead the way on a snowmobile pulling a cart where you sit when it’s not your turn on the sled.

Larissa gave us instructions on how to turn (lean) and how to slow the dogs down (put on the brake)!

I was the first one to drive with Quinn sitting in front. We were ready to go. Larissa pulled off on the snowmobile and the dogs took off. WHOA! The Huskies are born to run and pull. That’s all they want to do. And they go as fast as they can. It was a wild and wonderful ride. The dogs running and barking. The win in your face. The sound of the sled on the snow. It was exhilarating and thrilling.

Until we fell! Oh yeah, Larissa said you have to fall over at least once in the hour tour. We went around a turn a little too fast and the sled tipped over. No biggie, we just got right back on and continued the ride.

My wife took a turn driving. And even 5-year old Bryce drove the sled for a while.

It was a family-friendly experience. You really feel close to nature when you’re out on a snow-covered path in the woods being pulled along by dogs.

After the tour was over, we went up to the kennels and saw where the dogs live. Each one has its own little house. Larissa knows the name of every one of the 150 dogs. She’s amazing! She told us the dogs aren’t really happy unless they’re running and pulling. I asked her if they got cold at night living outside. She said they are completely happy when it hits 20-degrees below zero. They love 20 below!! It was 22-degrees and sunny for our trip, and she said the dogs were too hot! That’s crazy!! She said the dogs can stand temps as low as 60 below zero.

We got to hold a few of the little Huskie puppies which made the trip complete. I would recommend this experience to any family looking for an outdoor adventure.

Dog sledding: completely off the beaten path!

Learn more about dogsledding at Good Times Adventures.

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