Discover Colorado: Lionel Bienvenu and his family try Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Evergreen Lake

EVERGREEN, Colo. - I had seen Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP for those in the know) many times on TV and on the Web. I figured next time we take a trip to the beach maybe I would rent one and see what all the fuss is about. But why wait for the beach? I found out Stand Up Paddle Boarding is alive and well and living right here in Colorado!

We hooked up with Dylan Engberg at Evergreen Lake. Dylan is the founder and owner of Denver Paddle Company. He told me SUP is easy to do, easy to learn and is a great family activity. That was good to hear because I brought the family along! My wife Heidi and twin 8-year old boys Bryce and Quinn wanted to give it a try too.

Colorado is a prime spot for SUP because of all the lakes, reservoirs and rivers in our state. And you can SUP in all of them.

Dylan gave us our life jackets, then our boards and paddles. Then a quick 5-minute lesson consisting of how to paddle, turn and stand on the board. That’s it!

You start out on your knees, paddling around the lake. Then when you feel comfortable you slowly stand up. You feel like a new-born foal for the first few minutes -- a little shaky. But then you start to feel your balance and become more comfortable with each stroke of the paddle. Then you’re off.

It really is fun, simple and easy to do. We paddled around Evergreen Lake with the beautiful scenery in the background. The kids loved it and were adventurous enough to start racing each other.

Ali Summers is the Evergreen manager for the Denver Paddle Company. She also teaches yoga and sculpt classes that you do on the board.  She says the fitness classes are a unique, fun and a great experience for anyone and everyone.  You don't have to have SUP or fitness experience to have a great time at a SUP fitness class and experience the benefits of SUP fitness, like improving your balance, improving your core and cardio and having a workout experience that you can do with your friends and family.  From SUP yoga to our Intro to SUP Fitness, there is a fitness class to fit your style. 

You can even paddle board year round in Colorado -- Dylan has classes in area pools during the winter months.

We will surely enjoy this unique Colorado experience from now on. Once you get a taste of stand up Paddle Boarding, you want more!

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