Discover Colorado: Discover one of Colorado's buried treasures, an underground missile silo

GREELEY, Colo. - Did you know that of the many treasurers to be found in Colorado, some are buried?

I had the opportunity to check out one of them out recently at Missile Site Park.

You've probably seen those old Defense Department films of what happens when a nuclear blast goes off -- buildings blow up, trees are flattened, car are tossed all about.

In Cold War America, those images were enough to make many people welcome a defensive missile planted in their own backyard.

Weld County had four of them in that era and one of those sites -- Missile Site Park just outside Greeley -- is still around.

The Atlas 'E' Missile is gone, but the facility is still pretty much intact.

Ken Robinson, along with his faithful dog, Luke, are the tour guides.

Robin told me that the Atlas Missile that was housed here from 1961 to 1965 was one of 27 across the country. Crews of five served 24-hour shifts and had to be ready to launch on a moment's notice.

The big missile, if fired, could reach Russia in a half-hour.

Not one Atlas nuclear missile was ever fired at anyone. The only missiles that were fired were at test facilities.

You can see the nondescript outside of the silo and go inside on a tour, but you do need a reservation.

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