Snack Art: Play with your food

Much like an arts and crafts project, making a snack can become an afterschool activity. The bonus: Kids get to eat their artwork, and you get to sneak nutritious foods into their diet.

Create a work of art using the following elements:

The Foundation: Celery, carrots, zucchini or cucumbers cut into sticks or rounds; banana, apple or pineapple slices; melon balls; lettuce leaves; or orange sections

The Cement:  Peanut butter, cream cheese, cheese spread, yogurt, jam, pizza sauce or ranch dressing

The Decorations: Seeds, nuts, grapes, raisins, olives, frozen peas or beans.

Lay out the materials and give each child plastic utensils and a plate "canvas." Suggest that they build sharks, monsters, cars, flowers, or have them write their names.

This also makes a great birthday party activity.

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