Dylan Redwine case: Despite search of Mark Redwine's home, no suspects in teen's homicide

VALLECITO, Colo. - Despite a second search at the home of homicide victim Dylan Redwine's father Wednesday, the La Plata County Sheriff's Office stressed Thursday that no one has been labeled a suspect.

Redwine disappeared on a court-ordered visit to his father's home in Vallecito last Thanksgiving. His remains were found in June near Middle Mountain Road, less than 10 miles from his father's home.

The coroner said he was unable to determine how Redwine died, but the La Plata County Sheriff's Office said they were treating the case as a homicide investigation.

Deputies searched the house and property of Mark Redwine Wednesday. The search warrant was executed in cooperation with the FBI and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Sheriff Duke Schirard told the Durango Herald.

"The search was part of an on-going investigation," Sheriff's Office spokesman Dan Bender told 7NEWS.

Bender said his office would have no comment on what was found or taken from the home.

It was at least the second time investigators searched the home and the property.  The first time was 10 days after Dylan disappeared.

No arrests have been made.

-- Case Timeline --

Nov. 18 - Dylan Redwine flies into Durango-La Plata County airport to spend Thanksgiving with his father

Nov. 19 – Dylan Redwine reported missing

Nov. 20 - Search teams start searching for Dylan

Nov. 24 – Search dogs pick up Dylan’s scent at Vallecito Reservoir

Nov. 25-26 - Dive teams and teams on boats equipped with sonar search Vallecito Reservoir

Nov. 28 – Authorities announce Dylan Redwine did not run away. Asking people who drove from Vallecito to Durango if they had spotted him

Nov. 29 – Authorities execute a search warrant at Mark Redwine’s home

Dec. 2 – Prayer vigil for Redwine at Lewis-Palmer Middle School

Dec. 4 – Both parents take polygraph tests

Dec. 5 – Pictures from a surveillance camera are released, showing Dylan at a Durango Walmart hours before he disappeared

Jan 24 – Reward for Dylan grows to $50,000

Jan 26 – Protestors show up at Vallecito Reservoir saying Mark Redwine needs to be more active in the search for his missing son

Feb. 23 – Cadaver dogs show up on iced-over Vallecito Reservoir

April 24 – Authorities drain part of reservoir and build berm dam to look at area where search dogs got numerous hits

June 25 – Authorities spend several days searching the steep and rugged Middle Mountain Road

June 26 - Authorities tell Dylan's Parents that some of the child's remains have been found

June 28 - Officials tell 7NEWS Redwine wasn't killed by animals and they are searching for a killer

July 3 - Coroner announces he can not determine how Dylan died

August 14 -  Mark Redwine's home searched again

- See a history of the search for Dylan Redwine in photos: http://ch7ne.ws/11QFGQg

- See a map of the locations related to the case:http://goo.gl/maps/Ns0lr)

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