Transformation Trifecta: Extreme Weight Loss medical director blogs about Episode 3, Season 4

In this episode of ABC-TV’s “Extreme Weight Loss” we witnessed what I call a “perfect trifecta” in a journey of total lifestyle transformation. Jayce is a singer songwriter in Nashville and losing weight was only part of his challenge. Not only did Jayce drop an astonishing 188 pounds, he did it while he battled to stop smoking AND to conquer his deep rooted childhood fear of the water. Any of those three are a singular daunting endeavor but somehow Jayce managed to accomplish all three simultaneously in just 365 days. Successfully overcoming any one of these obstacles is amazing, but Jayce truly fought the odds when he beat all three. So, just how did he do it?


-- No More Excuses- Just Do It --

Let’s start with the smoking cessation and the potential for weight GAIN. That’s obviously something Jayce couldn’t give in to but it’s not a myth or an old wives tale, weight gain during smoking cessation is a very common side effect. Most people (about 75%) do put on some weight when they quit. Weight gain due to smoking cessation is generally attributed to increased food intake and a slowed metabolic rate. In fact, weight gain can be a significant deterrent to quitting or an excuse not to try it at all. Many people I see in my clinic use the potential for weight gain as the reason they either can’t or won’t quit smoking. It is very clear the health benefits of quitting almost always exceed the costs of weight gain. In this episode Jayce didn’t use the potential for weight gain as an excuse. He went out and kicked his smoking addiction anyway. If you want something bad enough you will always find a way. But, if you don’t want it bad enough, if you’re unwilling to try hard enough, you will always find an excuse. Don’t let an excuse stop you from achieving your goals.  Jayce just did it and so can you.


-- Feel the Fear- and Just Do It Anyway --

Most people have some fears in their life that drive their behaviors. Some fears may be deep rooted and seem irrational or extreme. Others may seem to be legitimate fears that keep us from living and experiencing our lives to the fullest.  When Jayce “let go” of the dock and swam for the first time in Tahiti everyone could feel his fear and ultimately his final determination to just push through it. It wasn’t easy but Jayce did it anyway. Recognizing fears that are holding you back, acknowledging them and then forcing yourself to defeat them is a skill that’s required in life transformations. Jayce conquered a huge fear in this episode and as a result will be living his life in a bigger, fuller way. Next time you find yourself avoiding doing something – look for the fear, feel it, then do it anyway.


-- When You Fail- Just Do it Again. --

Jayce’s journey to weight loss was not an easy one. He missed his goal for the first three weigh-ins.  In fact the last and final weigh-in was the only one he ever hit. Jayce could have easily given up after each phase of his journey, but he never did. In fact, each time he fell he got right back up and started trying again. He lost 188lbs by failing and then trying harder, fighting and battling. The road to ultimate success in a transformation is almost always paved with failures.  So, the next time you stumble or fall, remember that the only real failure is if you stop trying. 


-- Winning Trifecta  --

In the end, the transformation trifecta that Jayce attained wasn’t achieved by perfection but by “just doing it” even in the face of real excuses, real fears and yes even real failures! Like everyone else who watched this episode, I was inspired by Jayce’s whole hearted transformation. He took full advantage of the opportunity he was given to begin living his life to the fullest. And, no matter what it took, he was determined to just do it. Now, it’s time for the rest of us to use Jayce as an inspiring example in our own transformations, to be strong, and just do it ourselves.

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