3 Spooky Animals That Are Actaully Big Softies

Don't let their tough looks fool you

Some animals carry a dark and spooky reputation, and for all of the wrong reasons. You may actually be surprised to find that Halloween’s staple scary critters: cats, ravens and crows and mice and rats are actually some the most emotionally intelligent animals on earth!

Here’s the Lowdown on spooky animals that are actually big softies:


Empathy is not a word commonly associated with cats, folklore has penned them to be symbols of evil, bad luck and the companions of witches. Although, scientific research has led to two discoveries that claim cats are more in-tune with the feelings of their owners, than we might realize.  First, cats actually alter their meow to the tone that’s most likely to get pets, food – or whatever they want from you.  The second study found that cats alter their behavior based on their owner’s facial expressions, which to scientists, proves that they have empathy. .

Ravens and Crows

Edgar Allan Poe and bubonic plague helped make the raven a staple symbol for darkness. The crow is the cousin of the raven and shares many of its stereotypes as well as its intelligence. Research shows that ravens are expert communicators, utilize body language, have complex social environments and mourn their dead with  funerals. The List’s Donna Ruko met with an expert handler of ravens and crows from Liberty Wildlife: see what she uncovered in the video!

Mice and Rats

Rats and mice are seen as eerie creatures that carry disease. Although, in a study at the University of Chicago, it was found that untrained laboratory rats will free restrained companions over eating.  A separate study of the emotional capacity of mice found that a mouse can feel another mouse’s pain.

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