3 Festive DIY Holiday Cocktails


If you are planning your holiday party impress your guests with these easy and festive holiday cocktails. The List's Donna Ruko shares 3 easy recipes. 

1. Hot tottie.

Start with your favorite hot tea and add dried cherries and raw sugar to taste. Then pour in as much or as little whiskey as you like.

2. A festive vodka spritzer.

Put cranberries and oranges with the zest into your blender. Then sift the mixture through a fine strainer. Add sugar to taste and pour that mixture over vodka. Top with sparkling water and cranberries for garnish.

3. A candy cane cocktail. 

Crush 4 small candy canes in a glass and pour 2 ounces of vanilla vodka on top. Then add white chocolate liqueur and a little bit of cream. Give that mixture a shake and pour into a martini glass rimmed with more crushed candy canes. 

Remember to drink responsibly. Now, I love a spiked apple cider...What is your drink of choice? Let us know in the comments below.


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