Stars of reality show 'Pawn Stars' meet fans in Philippines

MANILA, Philippines - The stars of the cable reality show "Pawn Stars" have left their Las Vegas pawn shop to meet fans in Southeast Asia. And one of them says he never thought they would be so popular.

Father-and-son duo Richard and Corey Harrison run the pawn shop with the family patriarch. They offered tips to fans in Manila about bargaining and putting value on things.

On the Philippine TV show "ANC Mornings," Corey Harrison said Friday that he never thought the show would be a hit in the U.S., much less around the world.

He says that before the show began airing in 2009, their shop usually had fewer than 70 customers a day. Now it sees 3,000 on a slow day.

The show airs on History Channel. Watch clips below (mobile users:

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