Watch 'Behind the Ballot: Makeup and Hairstyling' for a begind the scenes look at the 2013 Oscars

Hair and makeup experts give insight into the art

Watch "Behind the Ballot: Makeup and Hairstyling" to get an insider's look at the craft of the Hair and Makeup artists who work on your favorite Academy Award-nominated films.

In the video, hair and makeup experts Mike Elizalde (Men in Black, Fantastic Four), Beth Miller (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Dances with Wolves), Cydney Cornell (American Beauty, The Aviator), and Christien Tinley (No Country for Old Men, Ocean's Eleven) discuss their work and Oscar-worthy artistry.

They address ways in which hair and makeup lend to the storyline and identify the characters' experiences. Makeup is often a subtle but innovative art that often goes unrecognized in less fantastical films, they say.

"One of the tools that we always use... in the Academy is: Without this makeup in this film, do you still have a film? Do you still have a story? Does it still work without the makeup?" says Tinley. "And that is the true sign of a makeup that helps move the story and helps the audience members sort of become a part of that story, emotionally as well as victory."

Check out the video below, and be sure to watch the 2013 Academy Awards on Channel 7, Feb. 24 at 5 p.m.

Behind the Ballot: Makeup and Hairstyling

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