'Lone Survivor' film a brutal tribute to courage, brotherhood of Navy SEALs

NEW YORK - A movie about Littleton Navy SEAL Danny Dietz will be released across the country this weekend.

Dietz was with three other Navy SEALs in the mountains of Afghanistan in June 2005 on a covert mission when  they are ambushed by the enemy.

Dietz was shot multiple times, but kept fighting until he was mortally wounded. Dietz was awarded the Navy Cross for his courage and heroism on that fateful day.

The lone survivor of the mission, Marcus Luttrell, wrote a memoir that has been turned into a book.

Luttreel tells the story of how he, Dietz and two other men were on a mission in Afghanistan's Kunar province when a trio of goat herders stumbled upon their stake-out.

After releasing the civilians and aborting the mission, the SEALs were quickly ambushed by the Taliban in a firefight that tumbled down a rocky gulch killing three men including Dietz. Luttrell was badly injured.

An attempted rescue went bad, killing 16 more men.

"Lone Survivor," opens like a recruitment video with documentary footage of intense SEAL training., is the latest in a series of films that pays tribute to the Navy's special forces: In messy, uncertain wars, they're elite practitioners of precision. In the era of the superhero film, the Navy SEALs have inspired filmmakers as the genuine article.

Luttrell would rather not talk about any of it. He went along with "Lone Survivor" and wrote the book at the urging of his superiors. Compared to the actual events, the movie is no traumatic experience for Luttrell.

"I went through it in real life, so a movie about it isn't going to affect me in any way," says the 38-year-old Texan.

Hollywood and the American military are worlds apart. But "Lone Survivor" is a uniquely close collaboration, one in which the producers worked under significant pressure from the families of those who died and active-duty SEALs to faithfully render the soldiers' lives, in battle and in brotherhood.

The military sees in the movies a chance to shape its image and insure some degree of authenticity in depictions of its service men and women. "Lone Survivor" has largely drawn praise as a brutal ode to Navy SEALs and a faithful depiction of the moral confusion of combat.

Watch the featurette "Real Heroes" about the film below (mobile users: http://bit.ly/1gkA0X0):

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