How to block Justin Bieber tweets from your Twitter timeline

Sick of a certain person filling your Twitter feed?

There is a way to filter out tweets about certain 19-year-old pop star – and other topics you are not interested in – if you are using the Google Chrome web browser and the Twitter website.

The Open Tweet Filter extension allows you to hide tweets containing key words and tweets from specific users.

- Let’s do this now

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click or copy and paste this link:

3. Click on the “Free” box in the upper right. If it asks you to confirm, click “Add”.

4. Open Twitter and click the gear icon in the upper right to access your settings. Scroll down to "Filters."

5. Enter words, hashtags and users you’d like to like to hide from your timeline. You don’t have to save it, simply close out the box with the "X" in the upper right.

The tweets are not deleted -- just hidden. You can disable the filter or change the criteria at any time.

It supports both the "new" and the "new new" Twitter versions, according to developers.

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