Kids Running America helps kids get healthy

Unique running program improving family lifestyles

DENVER - Kids Running America encourages children to adapt a healthier lifestyle through nutritional education and a unique incremental running program.  As the goal of the program is to help kids make healthier lifestyle choices, entire families are encouraged to participate.

KRA participants log their progress in running 26.2 miles over an 8-12 week timeframe.  The first 25.2 miles are run independently or with a team, then Kids Running America participants finish their final mile together at a bi-annual KRA Final Mile Event or through a turnkey curriculum program called It's Your Marathon.

In 2014, KRA Final Mile Events take place on Sunday, April 27 and October 26 at Washington Park.  For the fall marathon, registration is open until September 22.

For more, visit or call (303) 917-1002. 

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