Denver May Soon Break Record for Longest Painting In World

Art Miles Mural Project Hopes To Send Message About Peace, Diversity

It's no easy feat, but with the help of volunteers and students in the Denver community, we could soon be witness to a record-breaking this weekend.

The Art Mile Mural Project was created in 1997 to teach children understanding and respect.

Organizers of the Art Miles Mural Project plan to enter the Guinness Book of World Record for the longest painting in the world. Murals from all over the world are being joined with murals made in Denver.

"It's a mural where we're trying to represent Africa and Mexicans, how they were slaves, how everything has changed," said Cole Middle School student Milton Velasquez.

Denver student are showing off their skills with a paint brush and in the meantime hope to promote world peace and global harmony by creating renderings that send a message about past heroes and protecting the environment.

Their hours of hard work are displayed on colorful murals that are part of a bigger project -- to create 12 miles of murals that will eventually decorate the great pyramids of Egypt.

"A bunch of people from different countries are contributing. Then it will travel from country to country, city to city," said PS-1 Charter School student Claire Vaho.

In their own small way, the students are making a difference and sending a strong message to the world.

"It's actually pretty good with what's going on for people from all over the world to come together to do a project," said PS-1 Charter School student Natalie Griffin.

The goal of the Art Miles Mural Project is to complete 12 themes in 12 miles of murals that will be displayed in Egypt in the year 2010. The project was created in 1997 and has spread to over 100 countries. Each mural mile, with the exception of the Peace, Unity and Healing Mural Mile, consists of 440 12x5 foot acrylic painted murals that will be joined together to create the longest painting in the world. Individual completed mural miles will then be donated to major museums throughout the world

If you would like to take part in the project, you can add to the canvas Friday from 9 a.m. to dusk at Civic Center Park. The panel made that day will honor Earth Day. Materials will be provided but donations of acrylic or latex paints are encouraged. Anyone can participate, painters don't need to be experts or professionals, organizers said.

The official measurement of the mural will be taken Saturday morning.

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