Dancing With The Stars Season 16: Super Blogger Week #7 Results Show

Michael Buble opens with, "Come Dance With Me."

We saw some great dancing tonight.....opening with Michael Buble singing, “Come Dance With Me”,  surrounded by dancing girls!

From one of the most economically oppressed cities in the US, amidst a high crime rate and violence, there is a bright and happy ray of sunshine:  Tawanda Jones (Director/Manager) and  the Camden Sophisticated Sisters Drill Team (Camden, NJ).  Towanda works every day with girls to reach them through dance.  What a wonderful woman!  And what a dance team!

I want them to come to DENVER!  WOW is the word for these great hip-hop dancers. Dance is what  gives them incentive to study and make good grades, self-esteem and unending hope. 

This spot explained the rewards of teaching dance.   It is a God given gift and a Mission in life. So many lives are touched through dance and we are rewarded by in an immeasurable amount of joy, sharing and love.  Huge accolades to Tawanda!  Here Here!!!

Adrianne Haslet-Davis, the dance instructor/victim of the Boston Marathon bombings appeared on a featured video spot.  With her left leg amputated below the knee she is determined to dance again,  What an inspiration.  What an beautiful role model of commitment and passion for dance.

DWTS will follow her recovery and they will choreograph a routine for her to perform on the show.

Last, but not least, we said “so long” to Andy.  Through genuine tears, Andy Dick  left with tremendous gratitude and wonderful sentiments.  We will miss his entertainment, his unbridaled enthusiasm and his ever-glowing pride and happiness in his accomplishments. 

Thank you Andy, for the open and complete honesty of your heart and giving more of yourself than any competitor we have ever seen on DWTS.  You are a “hero” and you will be missed!

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