Dancing With The Stars Season 16: Super Blogger Week #4

The best year of your life

“Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.”

                                                                                           ― Haruki Murakami


We watched our dancers warmed by memories of good times, torn apart by recalling some bad times, and rejoice in celebrating the Best Year of their lives.  It was a love-filled, emotion-packed show, with dances choreographed to interpret the memories leading up to and including the event that created their “Best Year.”  As an additional feature, each dancer was required to perform a solo portion in their dance.


The Viennese Waltz is an expression of emotion to begin with, so this dance was charged with meaning for Sean.  He and Peta celebrated 2012, the year he was The Bachelor and his happy journey with Katherine began.  They circled in powder blue swirls of Waltz steps, after Peta rose up as a lovely bird, through a fog-like cloud. As the title words of their song “I Won’t Give Up”, played, we knew with all certainty, that Sean was there to impart a perfect manifestation of his love and dedication to Katherine.  Nice compliments from all the judges—Carrie Ann reprimanding them for 2 lifts.  It was tender and flowing dance.   Score:  20


Victor and Lindsay:  Paso

“We Will Rock You” – the song that escorted Victor into the ring when he won the Welterweight Championship.

I enjoyed the Boxing Ring opening which was accented by shots of smoke firing up behind him.  Victor began in robe and boxing gloves.  He got the audience clapping to the beat, then tore off the robe to dance shirtless, revealing an elaborate Tribal-type tattoo across his upper back.  Lindsay was gorgeous in her black lace decorated with red jewels and sequins.  Their dance was POWERFUL!   The judges felt it was so much of an “attack” that he lost the Spanish lines and steps, but there was no doubt about him “giving it his all.”    Score:  18.  (I thought it should have been higher for keeping their theme so well.) 


It was the 2012 Super Bowl and the happiness of the birth of a son that Jacoby & Karina’s choreography reflected.  I thought Jacoby’s solo was just great!  He had a longer solo than most, filled with good steps!  Pink gown, Pink shirt and tie took them through “I’ve Been Watchin’ You (Dad)”.  Jacoby had great energy and was overflowing with joy.  Good job!     Score:  three 8’s!!!   24


Aly and Mark – Contemporary

Summer 2012 sent Aly to the Olympics, overcoming many obstacles to become the most decorated gymnast on the team.  Mark’s choreography was an excellent rendition of overcoming obstacles.  I think this was Aly’s best dance so far—and she’s been a real “stand-out” contender in EVERY show.  We were treated to a section of her gymnastics – beautiful!  She wore a sparkly red, one shoulder dress and Mark danced without a shirt.  Their lifts were amazing!  Some of the best ever on DWTS in my opinion.  Mesmerized, profound and Perfection of Emotion were terms used by Carrie Ann.  Three 9’s!!!   (27 total)


Andy and Sharna’s Viennese Waltz blew everyone completely away!   2013 brought him sobriety and an emotional 2nd chance with his kids.  Andy has danced with jerkiness, abruptness and overall lack of coordination.  Tonight, he was smooth, so much more graceful and hands down, the best he has done.  “Hallelujah” is such a song of commemoration and he was dancing for his daughter.  His solo poured his heart out to his daughter and to all of us.  Carrie Ann was brought to uncontrollable tears over the simplicity and emotion he pulled from her heart.  “It was like the simplest poem……” she managed to say after giving him a hug to compose herself.  It was so touching…..so beautiful…..I was ready to join Carrie Ann in a good “Cryfest” of sentiment and happiness.   Score:  21


It was 2009 for Zendaya and Val—the year that Zendaya attended an inspirational Beyonce concert and joined Disney.  That was when everything began for her.  They used the Samba to recreate her story.  Opening on the stairs in a blue, down lit, concert setting, her Gold Blazer looked very “Rock Star-ish”.   Zendaya stepped down those stairs, taking off her blazer, with a bit of a “strut” in her step.   She did her solo with perfect facial expression and a hint of hip-hop arms and moves.  She was now in a beautifully delicate, simple sequin highlighted, white blouse and sleek, black pants.  Boy!  Do I love watching this girl dance!  Great footwork, great control of her body.........unbelievable maturity and interpretation for a 16 year old!   Score:  26!


Ingo remembers 2009 as the beginning of his life—getting married, starting a family.  We experienced his love for his life and adoration of his family through the elegant and inspiring waltz.  Pristine white added to the elegance of the entire dance.  It was romantic.  He was “Fred Astaire handsome” and dignified, from his solo opening to perfect arm lines at the end. Score:  23.      Great job!


The camera went to black and white as D.L. opened. D.L. was something of a nerd in school.  He recreated the happy days (8th or 9th) grade filled with innocence--before responsibilities.  Cheryl was a hot, aggressive Babe, luring and  encouraging him out of his shell. “I Wanna Make Love To You” (Etta James) was the perfect, suggestive, blusey song for this Fox Trot story.  D.L. went to the judge’s desk and gave them some “hip action”, and then crawled away.  Another BEST DANCE OF THE SEASON!  D.L. really came out of his shell!  He performed much more content with a lot more smoothness and grace.  Score:  21   Good job D.L.


Kelli’s husband, Kyle Jacobs wrote and sang their Rumba Song.  “Say I Do For Me”.  Kelli’s steps, moves, splits and poses were, once again, right on the money!  Derek had choreographed the dance to telegraph the impression of the “stops” in Kelli’s life.  (She never knew this type of love was even possible.)  Although she performed it perfectly and beautifully with a smooth and elegant solo segment, the judges thought there was a bit too much “sharpness” for a Rumba.  The story drew us all into the dance with her perfect body pictures, but they lost their place on the top of the Leader Board to Aly and Mark by scoring a 26.


Lisa and Gleb had planned a beautiful recreation of the story of her daughter’s wedding.  Lisa had literally passed out in rehearsal.  She had a fever.  She was ill.  She did not want to go home, but Gleb made her leave rehearsal.  She objected and didn’t want to quit.  We didn’t know if she was going to be able to perform, but she stepped out there with genuinely admirable courage.  Lisa looked wonderful in her pink fringe and rhinestones.  She performed a formidable Cha Cha—especially feeling as badly as she did.  Carrie Ann took points off for the lift, but they still scored three 6’s (18 total). 


Her illness may send her home tonight.  It would be sad because she was a trooper!  We’ll see how the fans vote.


Whoever leaves the show tonight, the lesson of this show is one not to be taken lightly.  We are making memories and creating the Best Year of Our Lives, every minute of every day.  Let’s hold that thought for a moment and give a little toast to DWTS for bringing gratitude and thankfulness to us on this Week 4 Monday night.


“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

                                                                                                      ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


….until next time.

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