Dancing With The Stars Season 16: Super Blogger Week #2

Great improvements and a shocker!

3 couples left standing…………

Victor Ortiz and Lindsay    -----      DL Houghly and Cheryl  -------   Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb

The suspense builds with the DWTS “tick-tock-tick-tock” music playing………

At last, our wonderful M.C., Tom Bergeron begins the announcement:

“The next couple that is safe……… D.L. and Cheryl!!!” 

They both dropped to their knees.

“What?!” Cheryl managed to say……smiling in shock and complete surprise.

2 couples remain--who is next?  One will stay and one will go.  Who?  

But wait……he stops the announcements midstream!!!

“Before we continue we have something to reveal…”

Why the interruption?  (This is “live TV”.   ANYTHING can happen!)  

We are ALL turning our heads a little bit sideways in bewilderment!  I sat with popcorn in hand, waiting to put it in my mouth…..what? 

Living rooms across the country had to be filled with fans wide-eyed and mouths open……WHAT?  What’s happened?!!!  Let’s get ON with it…..who is going home?

 “Dorothy…..” he calls….. “Dorothy…….come on out….we don’t have much time….”

24 hours earlier………

Ingo and Kym kicked off the 2nd night of dancing in FINE style!  They performed a cute and energetic Quick Step with Ingo looking perfectly “40’s handsome” in his pin-striped vest and black fedora!  Kym was Barbie Doll lovely in her white lace skirt and tope.  Ingo missed some footwork, but Quick Step footwork is extremely difficult for new dancers!  It is also quite a different dance style from last week’s Contemporary dance.  I was very happy with their dance and overall performance.  Their performance earned them a 20……..40 for their two-week, combined score.


Dorothy Hamil and Tristen gave us a Jive dance.  Dorothy had been injured in rehearsal and was forced to “sit-out” a couple of days.  Tristen showed her the steps while she sat and watched.  She looked darling in her 50’s style, silver-grey “Chantilly Lace” dress and Tristen in his “picture show” usher jacket.

Dorothy’s lack of rehearsal time showed up in footwork mistakes and botching the pull through.   Their Jive performance was a “total opposite” from their beautiful, nearly perfect,  Contemporary dance last week. But, her stage presence and facial expression were perfect!  This lady is a pro – a real trooper-- no doubt about it!  All the fans are “pulling for her” and believing she will feel better next week.  They only scored 15…combined total of 36.   


Jacoby and Karina:  Jazz

A nifty, “double-decker” coat covered them both to the floor! (Karina on Jacoby’s shoulders.)  Nice entrance!  They took off the trench coat and revealed some flashy yellow outfits.  PERFECT for their lively Jazz dance!  Jacoby did some amazing footwork, kicks and moves!!!  Great personality on the dance floor. “You’re a PERFORMER!”  Bruno raved.  The earned  two 8’s and a 7!!!  Good job!  Combined Total:  43   Watch this guy!!!   He is going to rock the DWTS Planet!


Victor Ortiz & Lindsay:  “Red Jive” 

Victor was just as cute as can be in his red pin stripes!  Lindsay is a sweetheart!  Her red ruffled short skirt was darling and that long blonde hair bounced on her back to the lively steps.  I thought Victor had improved by LEAPS AND BOUNDS over last week.  His expression is STRIKING!   He is truly into each and every step and twirl—with that smile that would stop a clock!  He still needs some sophistication in his dancing, but I was clapping my hands for his efforts.  18 from the judges with a Combined Total of 36


Wynona & Tony made a really FUN entrance on two-wheeler, stand-up scooters, decked out like Police bikes.  They were costumed in police uniform looks.  Wynona impressed me AGAIN with her footwork.  She was right “on it”!  AND, her policewoman outfit was flattering!!  She looked much slimmer in this week’s costume.  The judges still want to see more of her tremendous spirit come through in her dancing.  They scored 18 with a Combined Total of 36.


Zendaya and Val:  Jive

My oh MY!  This girl of sixteen has the stage presence of a total Broadway performer!  She embraces every moment—from the strutting down the stairs to perfect lines, angles and kicks.  She wore a gold beaded fringe flapper dress.  Just too CUTE!  She is tall--every bit as tall as Val in her dancing shoes!  She is also flat out skinny!   But what a doll!  Her acting background brings great interpretation to her “dancing game”.   She’s the one to watch, folks……..a real KNOCKOUT!   Score:  two 9’s and one 8:  26.  Combined Total:  50!


Andy & Sharna “Jazzed” their way through a rather dramatic “Alice In Wonderland” dance with Andy as the Mad Hatter and Sharna as a weird Queen of Hearts.  Andy was much calmer this week and expressed happy anticipation of continuing.  His performance was much improved, even though I thought the choreography was a bit weird.  He puts forth so much effort and hope.  I give him big points for giving it all he’s got, and the judges rewarded his improvement with a higher score of 20; Combined Total  37.


Sean & Peta were remarkably attractive Life Guard and Beach Bunny in their yellow outfits.  Sean has surprised me with his effort, ability and performance poise.   I agreed with the judges that he needed more steps and content.  He can do it!  I think we will see more content next week.    Score:  20   Combined Total:  39.


Aly & Mark pulled in some of Aly’s gymnastics with a split-kick lift.  She has a world of coordination which accented her Quick Step.   I thought she was GREATLY improved.    But she performed way above last week.  Their costumes were beautifully dramatic designed in dark blue and blacks.  I enjoyed their Quick Step!  Score:  three 8’s!  Combined Total:  45


Lisa & Gleb:  Jive

In rehearsal, Gleb had a hard time pulling Lisa up to the energy level that Jive requires.   Wow!  He looked GREAT in his pilot shirt and Lisa’s pink, sparkly stewardess outfit was precious!  Lisa came a long way this week!  However the judges couldn’t go more than a 6 from each—score:  18.  Combined Total 36.


DL was positively determined not to be so badly beaten this week, and it really paid off!  He was MUCH better!  Cheryl gave him better choreography this week,  and he was out there doing every step with all his heart.   In rehearsal, he was so focused and intense that he used some language that Cheryl did not agree with.  She left.  Oh…….she came back the next day and D.L. was apologetic and more calm.  I thought they made giant strides this week.  Score:  16   Combined Total:  28


Kelli & Derek:  Now ladies and gentlemen……THIS was Jazz!   Star Wars type light sticks in “giant style” were staked through the dance floor.  Kelli had on a crop top adorned with mirror jewels and Derek was shirtless.  Their music dictated a jazz dance filled with more Contemporary, “modern jazz”  steps and moves.  Lynn was full of compliments.  “If last week was a spark, this week was a FIRE!” he said with a huge smile.  Kelli’s execution was nearly perfect.  It was an absolutely wonderful dance.  Two 9’s and one 8—26.  Combined Score 47


24 hours later…………

Everyone is paralyzed…waiting……completely stopped in their tracks.  “What’s happening with Dorothy?”  She’s already been “saved” from elimination!  She’s supposed to come back next week!

"Come and join us,” Tom and Brooke invite them to the microphone.

The sweet, sincere Dorothy Hamil and Tristen hurried over to Tom and Brooke, entering from the wings.  

“I know there is something you want to tell us,” Tom said to Dorothy.

“Yes….I have taken the advice of my spine surgeon and I need to withdraw from the competition. 

I have an injury that could be irreparable and nerve damage and it would be completely unfair for me to stay in this and have any of these people go home.  These are the most amazing people that want to be here and I wish I could give it my all, but I can’t.”

The lovely Dorothy has withdrawn, ever-so-thankful for the experience, courageously explaining with poise and grace, leaving the remaining 2 couples (Victor & Lindsay / Lisa & Gleb) SAFE!  


We exhale.  Well…….that does give all-heart, Victor, and Lisa one more week to work on their dancing!  I am sorry that Dorothy will not be there,  but a life-altering condition is completely understandable.  I look forward to seeing improvements in D.L., Victor and Lisa! 


……..until next time.

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