Dancing With The Stars All Stars: Super Blogger Week #7

Not only dancing, but raising money for relief



"To win something special, you’ve got to DO something special."

                                                                                                  ~ Len Goodman


We certainly live in a wonderful and caring country.  We "DO something special" here in the US--successfully fusing "helping our fellow New Yorkers" with elections and dance!  In spite of political ads bombarding is from dawn ‘til dusk, it remains our cherished right to cast our vote for our government officials securing a continued voice in our country’s direction.

Meanwhile and concurrently (between the ads), we enjoy Freedom of Expression, giving free reign to interpretation and creativity--brilliantly exemplified by DWTS, AND DWTS fans donating to the "Day of Giving" in such a BIG way! 


Fusion Dance:  combining/intertwining 2 dances into one performance--any way they want.  Intriguing challenge!


Apolo/Karina (Cha Cha/Paso) kicked off the show triumphantly.  Absolutely GREAT dance!   Shy Apolo went shirtless in a flash of light--surprising everyone!  Their totally impressive choreography incorporated gymnastics, and beautiful, smooth transitions between two, flawless, dances.  I thought 10s were in order!  (They received straight 9’s.)


Emmitt/Cheryl (Rhumba-Samba):  Both wore fabulous bright pink to accentuate the hot, latin feel of the 2 dances.  They alternated dances every 8 counts!  (Now, THAT’S choreography!)  Carrie Ann thought Emmitt was "thinking too much in the middle" and gave him an 8.5.  Len and Bruno:  9.5’s!  Yeah!


Kirstie/Maks:  I thought the Quick-step-Samba combination would be one of the toughest--Quick-Step being "up and light"/Samba being down and sultry--but Kirstie came through!   She kept busy between rehearsals, (calming her fears about being sent home), by gathering up donations to be trucked to NYC, AND doing a Barbara Walters interview! (You go girl!)  Creatively, they changed costumes as they changed their dance.  Kirstie "twirled out" of her Maid’s skirt to reveal red fringe!

"….from Cinderella to a stripper," Bruno commented excitedly.  (Judge’s:  All 8’s.)


Kelly/Val (Cha Cha-FoxTrot):  Kelly opened in a soft, floral, garden-party skirt, carrying an umbrella.  The back-drop video provided their "rain".  (Loved it.) There was no shyness in Val as he "ripped" off Kelly’s floral skirt!  She completely transformed, finishing in a cute, short, Cha-cha-style fringe costume.  What a great job with a very tricky transitions: from elegant Fox Trot to snappy Cha Cha moves!  One of their best!


Melissa/Tony (Tango-Cha Cha):  this is the "right way to do Dance Fusion!" the Judges raved.  Melissa went from a long, black Tango dress to short, silvery fringe behind a smoke-screen—a COMPLETE outfit change--without a HITCH! 

Steps, lines and moves: outstanding—only missing a perfect 30 by 1 point!


Shawn/Derek/Mark "Fusion Partners" (Tango-Paso):  Mark subbed for Derek ("out for the week"-neck injury) and performed Derek’s choreography with Shawn, beautifully.  Pillars of fire…..pyro shot up behind them during the Pasodoble opening—very effective!  Carrie Ann commented that if "Fusion Dance were in the dictionary, their picture would BE there!"  I think this was Shawn’s best dance (without gymnastics), establishing her as a real dancer (at last), earning them a perfect 30!!!


Gilles/Peta (Argentine Tango-Samba):  Gilles was genuinely excited at the possibilities.  He opened as an orchestra conductor (white suit and baton) and then was "caught up" in the excitement of the performance.  In an impromptu "burst", he "tore off his shirt" in a plume of "Samba-smoke"!  Sharp accents, perfect unity, perfect lines, and great transition moves!  But Carrie Ann still sees an "arm thing" happening with Gilles.  9.5’s across the board.


In true, Marathon-dance fashion, this "dance-til-you drop" challenge was incredible!  Great swing moves from ALL the couples kept us glued to the TV screen--eyes darting from spot-to-spot to try and catch every move.  Kirstie was the first to be "tapped on the shoulder".  Last couple standing (winning 10 extra points):  Melissa and Tony, keeping their energy level consistent from beginning to end.  Whew!  I was exhausted just watching them!  But soooo much fun!


With election night on Tuesday, we won’t see the results until next week’s DOUBLE ELIMINATION!!  I am at the point where I don’t want to ANYONE go home—but in thinking back, it’s pretty much been that way all Season!   


We truly experienced "American Fusion" this week:  Fusion Dances, Fusion Partners (Derek/Mark), Fusion voting-donating, and Fusion emotion (DWTS excitement mixed with "Day of Giving" compassion).  How fortunate we are to live in the U.S……….a "special country" where we Americans can do such "special and spectacular things".


"I am writing this blog as the winner of Denver’s 7 Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions Denver’s 7, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any their related persons."







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