Blue Man Group is back in Denver for an explosion of comedy, music, and technology

Playing now through April 21

DENVER - When I told my husband I was taking him to see the Blue Man Group for his birthday, he didn't seem thrilled.

"It can't be any worse than Criss Angel," he said. (That was his pick, incidentally.)

"It can't be any worse than 'Thunder Down Under,'" I was thinking. (Obligatory part of being a member of a dear friend's bridal party!)

All I knew about the Blue Man Group, besides the obvious, was that there would be some audience participation involved -- and that terrified me. 

But that turned out to be a small part of such a vivid and fun show, I was jumping up and down whenever they looked for a volunteer.

The show is a mixture of pumping music played on wildly constructed PVC pipes, colorful digital displays, a bit of comedy and unusually produced art -- made during the show.

I never caught myself wondering how much longer until intermission (there isn't one, actually), and by the end everyone in the audience was on their feet and shaking their butts (really.) And my husband loved the show. It was the first 'date night' where we both wished we'd brought the kids!

Blue Man Group at The Buell Theatre

- April 12-21, 2013

- Performance times: Tues-Sun 7:30pm, Sat & Sun 2pm

- Run Time: 90 minutes, no intermission

- Age Recommendation: Appropriate for all ages

- Advisory:  Production includes strobe light usage

- Tickets/Tours: 303.893.4100 | 800.641.1222 or click here to buy online.  Groups 10+: 303.446.4829

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