We're hiring for a new national TV show! 15 job openings here in Denver!

DENVER - If you have great passion for news and innovation, this is the opportunity you have been looking for! 

7NEWS' parent company, the E. W. Scripps Company,  is creating a local news program unlike anything you’ve seen before. This is not your parents' newscast.

This innovative news program, based in Denver, is targeted at our 4 p.m. audience. It  is a high-energy, up to the minute, interactive news experience. Through the power of social media and new technology, the audience weighs in and is involved in the show, real-time.  National and local content is dictated by hot trending social media, creating a platform that fully engages the audience on multiple screens.

If you have the energy and out-of-the-box thinking to help create a brand new format for delivering news, join our team!  We are building a top-notch, creative, inventive team to run our national news desk, as well as building out new local teams to deliver the program.

Here in Denver we have 15 open positions! They are :

  • executive producer
  • supervising producer
  • national news host
  • local news host
  • senior producer
  • production coordinator
  • managing editor
  • producer/editors (4)
  • digital producer
  • multi-media journalist/reporter
  • segment producer (2)

To apply, go to Scripps.com and search for all the jobs posted in Colorado.  Look forward to having you part of the team!

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