Home Front Cares helps veterans and military families stay in their homes


The nonprofit 'The Home Front Cares' provides emergency financial aid and other support to Colorado service members, veterans and military families.
Grants pay rent, utilities and other essential life expenses.
 In fiscal year 2012, the organization provided $191,000 in grants for rent and mortgage to save clients from eviction and homelessness
In fiscal year 2013, which ended in April, the group granted almost $290,000 in support of rent and mortgage.
Despite public perception to the contrary, the needs of our veterans are increasing as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have wound down, according to The Home Front Cares.
A typical client is: A young enlisted soldier, recently separated from the service, has a family to support, cannot find a job  and has no income while he or she waits for V.A. benefits to begin.  Twenty percent of them also have PTSD as a result of deployment.
Two upcoming fundraisers include an annual Golf Tournament, June 27 at Sanctuary in Sedalia.
And a dinner  Oct. 17 at Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.
For more information, visit www.thehomefrontcares.org.


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