Man's homeowner insurance cancelled because he lives in brush fire area in southeast Aurora

Colorado seeing trend of cancellations

Aurora, Colo. - An Aurora man's homeowners insurance policy is being canceled because his insurance company says he lives in a "brush fire area" in southeast Aurora.

Chris Spears takes pride in his roses and his home.

"I've never filed a claim. My insurance is paid on time," said Spears.

So when he got this letter from Sentry Insurance Saturday, cancelling his policy because the company said he is in a "brush fire area," he was burned up.

"I do my job to protect my home, and I pay my dues, and I feel like that's just all for naught," said Spears. "They're not doing their job to protect me. They're getting rid of me."

His development backs to a small greenbelt with a winding creek, but he has had the same insurance for years and said it is only a problem now because of major payouts to wildfire victims.
In recent months, 7NEWS has been tracking similar trends in Colorado, from skyrocketing insurance premiums to people in mountain communities being dropped out of the blue.
Carole Walker, a spokeswoman for the state insurance industry, said the insurance industry is under pressure because of the wildfires, and people in high-risk areas will have to find high-risk carriers.
"We have over 200 insurance companies that sell insurance, so people likely can shop and find insurance somewhere else. This is still a competitive market," said Walker.
Spears is shopping around, but said if homeowners in suburban neighborhoods like his are considered high-risk, no one's policy is safe.
"There are three fire stations within three miles in each direction from here.  There's a fire hydrant in front of my house," said Spears. "I was baffled. I didn't understand."
Spears said he received another letter in the mail from Sentry the same day thanking him for renewing his auto insurance. 
He said that's not going to happen -- he will take all his policies to another carrier, although he rates may end up nearly doubling.
7NEWS' attempts to contact Sentry Insurance were unsuccessful Sunday.


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