Anica Padilla - Bio

Anica became a digital media producer in October 2012, after three years producing 7NEWS This Morning.

7NEWS This Morning was awarded Heartland Emmy for Best Morning Newscast in July 2011.

Since joining 7NEWS, Anica has produced special coverage of news events affecting Coloradoans, including the Waldo Canyon fire, the Aurora movie theater shooting, and the 2012 Presidential Debate in Denver.

Anica started her journalism career as a broadcast engineer at KDVR in Denver in 2002, and was awarded the NewsCorp Global Excellence Award in 2004.

Anica graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Production Management.

Anica grew up in the California Bay Area, playing a lot of Tetris and reading a lot of Stephen King.  She still spends too much time playing puzzle games and still reads real books made out of actual paper.

Her favorite things include Halloween, craft beers, Broadway plays, snowboarding, physics, Breaking Bad, YouTube cat videos and roller derby.

She would love to hear from you!

Email Anica at or follow her on Twitter at @Anica7News.

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