Denver Scholarship Foundation helps make college possible for Denver students

30% increase in college enrollment since 2006

DENVER - For many students in Denver Public Schools, continuing their education beyond high school doesn't seem possible. Usually, it's not low grades or lack of extracurricular activities keeping them from pursuing their dreams. There are thousands of passionate, intelligent, hardworking students facing the most intimidating barrier to college of all -- they think it just isn't possible.

But the Denver Scholarship Foundation is changing that. They're making college degrees possible for DPS students.

The DSF Future Centers, Scholarships and on-campus support systems are designed not just to get students into college, they work seamlessly to help students graduate. Since the DSF launch in 2006, they've made tremendous progress:

  • $15.2 million in scholarships awarded to 3,200 students
  • 30 percent increase in college enrollment
  • 81 percent of our scholarship recipients are still in school or have completed their program

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